Eye Colour and Everything it tells about your Personality : The Eye Color Personality Guide

We delightful human beings always carry our personality. Our body is such a wonderful work of art and it needs exploring. From scalp, hair to the toes, we never get tired of putting something- whether it is a piece of clothing, jewellery or color, to show that hey, “It is me! I am fucking unique!”

Such personality is seen on our anatomy and further enhanced by things we use. But did you ever wonder what’s the best indicator of knowing someone? I have this complete bewilderment and great interest with the person’s eyes. Yes, the eyes are the windows of the soul! Charlotte Bronte one’s remarked that the eyes interprets our soul- it is unconscious yet very faithful. So learn how to read those eyes and the different eye color personality it will divulge.

Forget about the race or  ethnicity. Yes, it will affect the eye color personality but isn’t it just great to indulge in these personality quizzes but to look closely at someone’s eyes is just one of those sneaky way of daydreaming about his or her’s persona.

Every human eye has different attributes. Take the genes and his/her ancestry for that. And would you believe that no person has the same eyes. Even with your sibling. Our eyes have this imprint in the iris and the color varies depending on the amount of the melanin pigments present.

So what are his or her eye color? And what does it tell about him/her? Let’s take a look at your eye colour and let us have some fun.

Brown Eyes

Remember Destiny’s Child famous song and those lines ? ? And when he looks at me his brown eyes tell it so ? ?. Brown eyes are quite very expressive. People with brown eyes have

Personality quizzes will tell you, people with brown eyes are good-natured and aims for simple things. Like the color that symbolizes the Earth, people with brown eyes are grounded and loves to go around making new friends while having adventure.

Black Eyes


No not the one as a result fo the punch in your face. Some people think black eyes are common. But surprisingly, this is one of the rare eye colour. It is usually a product of very dark brown colour. People with black eyes are quite passionate and knows what they want. They are also secretive and do not trust easily. It would take a lot of cajoling and also earning one’s trust. But once they trust you, they are fiercely loyal and won’t not let you down. And also, people with this eye colour are quite impatient so as not to ruin your day or night, never make them wait.

Gray Eyes 

gray-eyes Welcome the lovers. People with grey eyes are leaders and romantic lovers. They will try to resolve the issues after hearing the both sides. Strong business acumen and uses their common sense to be able to adapt to new environment..

My best friend has this grey eye colour and it always soothes me to look at them. They are quite good secret keepers and are like magnets- people love hanging around with them because of their great sense of humor.  with good business sense and are witty in nature. They have a calm nature and people love to be around them.

Blue Eyes

blue-eyes Ahhh this always invoke the feeling of looking at the sea. Looking at people with blue eyes will make you breathless and will make you think of making love at the beach. This is one of the most popular eye color for the Westerners and this symbolizes youthfulness. It makes one look very charming and friendly.

People with blue eyes exude liveliness and the high spirits for a good life. Gregarious, kind highly committed. So do not wonder that one of the best selling contact lenses are the blue eye colour.

Green Eyes

green-eyes After blue eye colour, the green eyes are in the top of my list. Green eyes meaning?  It will disarm you and will make you think of luscious forests and the spring water. People with green eyes are very vibrant and loves to have an adventure. They love challenges and are always on the go. But beware as people with green eyes are vengeful. They do not easily forget the hurt you caused them. They are eloquent and would not let anyone be an obstacle with their own goals in life.

Hazel Eyes


People with hazel eyes exude independence and strong demeanor. They will not back down. take it as a combination of brown and grey eye colour and people with this eye colour surely combines compassion and strength  Spontaneity is their language and shows elegance amidst pressures. Hazel eye colour is one hell of energy bomb and be sure to keep up with them!


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