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Eye Colour and Everything it tells about your Personality : The Eye Color Personality Guide

We delightful human beings always carry our personality. Our body is such a wonderful work of art and it needs exploring. From scalp, hair to the toes, we never get tired of putting something- whether it is a piece of clothing, jewellery or color, to show that hey, “It is me! I am fucking unique!” […]

Top 10 Types of Ear Piercings : More than Fashion

The body is an art form. Human body as seen in the archaeological finds, dating as far as the Persian civilization has been used as a platform of artistry, social status, devotion or worship and even tradition. It is also used to show one’s uniqueness or personality. There are different types such body art such […]

What Makes The World Most Expensive Shoes?

If you’re a fan of fashion-oriented TV shows or simply love to be creative in everything you wear, you have heard about the most expensive shoes in the whole world. Women in particular love shoes and everything in between so it won?t be that surprising to know that 99.9% of people who about this are […]

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