Get to Know Selena Gomez Net Worth

There’s really no exact formula on how a person becomes rich and acquire financial stability. The case of different teen celebrities like how Selena Gomez net worth show us is that one can start fulfilling their financial dream even at a young age.

In fact, Gomez has been included in the top 10 richest teens in the world by different magazines and listing sites. The story of Gomez, as a teenage millionaire started as a child star appearing in a Television show “Barney and Friends” playing the role of Gianna.

Get to know more about Selena Gomez

Her stint in that TV show opened several doors in her career and plenty of opportunities. After her exposure to different shows and projects, where she started in minor roles, major projects then came in causing her career to fully take off.

Gomez also appeared and played several roles in Disney Channel particularly her role Alex Russo in Disney’s television series Wizards of Waverly Place, which has won an Emmy Awards. Her role in this tv series had really helped her develop her skills as an actress and helped her proved to people that?s she?s more than a typical teeny weenie child actress.

Other Careers

But on top of being a successful child actress, Gomez is also a talented singer. In fact, several years after she joined showbiz, she finally decided to also launch her singing career and had formed a singing group called Selena Gomez and the scene.

In terms of money generation, Gomez reportedly got $5 million from her singing career as of 2012. Without any doubt, Gomez attributes her wealth not only through her acting career but even as a successful recording artist.

Early life

Gomez, which was born July 2, 2992, hailed from Grand Prairie, Texas. While growing up, Gomez’s parents already saw the child potential, especially in singing. Her parents even recalled the young Selena signing to the latest pop songs she heard on the radio.

Her innate love of music and overflowing self-confidence propelled her stint in showbiz and later on as a recording artist. She also has an inborn interest in performing in front of other people. Apart from being a brilliant singer, Gomez also writes her own songs.

In fact, Gomez is one of the few young successful Hollywood singers who write their own songs. Majority of young recording artists in the world are so dependent on other people to write songs for them but not Gomez.

How rich Gomez is

According to different sources, Selena Gomez net worth is, in fact, commendable and astonishing. According to, Gomez’s total net worth is at $9.5 million, making her among the top 10 richest teen in the world. Along with Gomez in the top 10 spot are her fellow Hollywood stars and heirs of business tycoons in the world.

In one account, Gomez was said to have received $30,000 for every episode of the Wizards of Waverly Place. So one can easily estimate Gomez?s gross income from that series alone by computing the average pay she gets for every episode, which is a whopping $30,000 and multiplies it by the total number of episodes shown on TV.

All in all, Gomez is indeed one of the richest teenagers in the world and among the most successful young artist of this generation. She has proven her worth both as an actress and as a recording artist no wonder she is also included in the list of successful showbiz personalities in the Hollywood who has made their mark not only in the US but most especially around the world.

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