What Makes The World Most Expensive Shoes?

If you’re a fan of fashion-oriented TV shows or simply love to be creative in everything you wear, you have heard about the most expensive shoes in the whole world. Women in particular love shoes and everything in between so it won?t be that surprising to know that 99.9% of people who about this are women.

Majority of expensive collections are those exclusively designed for a certain personality or limited edition design by famous designers. But what are the things that make these shoes so expensive? Why there are people willing to pay for an amount that feeds millions of children in a third-world country? In this article, we will try to answer these questions especially everything that makes a shoe very expensive.


rarest shoes Probably one of the main factors that determine an item?s price and market value is its rareness. The rare the item is, the better. If the shoes you got is one of the few hundred created by a certain designer, then you probably have a very expensive shoes.


The older the better. Having a pair of shoes made centuries ago would mean having something that would probably worth hundreds of dollars. Sometimes, an item’s age alone, especially if its? centuries old, is enough to high-value item. In cases of shoes, older shoes, especially if it is still in its pristine condition, would have a higher value.

Designer shoes

designer shoes On top of the item’s age, another important factor that determines its worth is who made what. If you have shoes made by renowned designer, you have well-worth shoes with you. Of all these three main criteria, the shoes made by famous designers are the most common determining factor that most people would think that matters in evaluating shoes.

If you are planning to buy or collect even one of the world’s most expensive shoes, you should know what makes those shoes so expensive. Is it its age? The designer who made it? or it’s rarity? It’s for you to discover.

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