Top 10 Types of Ear Piercings : More than Fashion

The body is an art form. Human body as seen in the archaeological finds, dating as far as the Persian civilization has been used as a platform of artistry, social status, devotion or worship and even tradition. It is also used to show one’s uniqueness or personality.

There are different types such body art such as tattoo, body painting, body sculpting, aesthetic dentistry and piercing.  Among these, tattoo and body piercing are quite popular.

History of Body piercing

The practice of puncturing or making a hole in a certain body part has no certain documentary evidence to date this practice but certainly this has been in the ancient times by both men and women.  The most widespread body piercing is in the ears, nose,navel, tongue, nipple and even genitalia.

Here we will discuss more the different ear piercings, its history and the most popular types of ear piercings.

The story of the Ear PIercing the different types of ear piercings

As earlier said, body art and in the form of ear piercing has been practiced as early as 2500 BCE. Mummies in Austria was unearthed and a 53-year old iceman was found to have an ear piercing of 7 to 11mm in diameter.  Even the BIble has mentioned in the books of Genesis (35:4), Exodus (32) and Deuteronomy (15:12-17). Remember the Biblical story of at the gold earrings that were melted to make golden calf? Ear piercings types are also prominent in the Hindu Vedas.

Different ear piercings varies across culture, ages and local context. In the 18th dynasty of Egyptian civilization, it takes on the form of gold dangling hoop earrings. The women in Rome wore earrings with precious stones in their lobes. In 16th century Europe, it was the men of nobility who pierced their one ear. There was a belief that piercing one ear will give one a long distance vision thus, it’s not surprising to see sailors and pirates to sport one ear piercing.

Before going into the details, it would be best also to review first about our ears. We know that human ears are divided intro three sections: Outer, middle and inner ear. The most prominent, of course and the area where one can dare to decorate is the OUTER EAR.


So are you considering getting your ears pierced? Refer to the diagram above of your outer ear and her’s the list of the Top 10 Types of Ear Piercings practiced today:

1. Lobule/ Lobe

This is the most popular part of the ear being pierced. It is the biggest part and the softest also and the best option to choose for the newbies. It is soft because there is no cartilage. Even a week-long baby in some parts of the world are pierced immediately at this part. Because it is big, it can have at least 3 earrings attached in the lobe at the same time.

2.  Helix 

It is a part of the upper outer ear and covered by a cartilage. Piercing the helix would require a bigger needle.It also takes some time to heal. One of the most popular ear jewelry used at this part is the studs, beads, ball rings that would complement the earnings used in the lobe.

3. Anti- Helix or the Snug Piercing

It is located at the inner part of the ear and considered as one of the most painful ear piercings types as the entrance and exit holes created are not marker-friendly. But this is also one the popular choice for rockers and punks. The jewelries used are usually curved ball or circular small rings.

4. Conch Piercing

There are two types of conch piercing: the inner and the center conch. The inner conch piercing are done at the center hollow part (lower part of the helix) near the ear canal. A big piercing needle is needed and healing process it would take around 2 to 10 weeks. Using gems or small studs, this ear piercing type will surely show your fashionable and edgy side.

5. Scaffold or Industrial piercing

Amidst these type of ear piercings, this one is the fastest growing one for the teens of today’s generation. It is done by puncuncturing two holes, one in the anti-helix part and another one at the upper par of the fold. And this two ear jewelry is  being connected together by a small chainlike one.

6. Stretching or expanding the earlobe 

Several types of jewelry used in ear piercing are plugs or eyelets. This type of ear piercing is the expanded earlobe puncture. It is done by dermal punching and putting an ear plug to make it bigger. If you decide to take this one, do the stretching of the earlobe gradually to avoid infections or stress to the tissues..  

7. Daith or Wisdom Piercing

Coming from the word Hebrew, daith means wisdom. And taking this kind of ear piercing would surely need your discernment and process of determining one’s wisdom. An innermost cartilage called as crus of the helix. A curved needle will be needed to conduct this body art. Small gauges or bead ring inserted at this part will surely showcase your bravery and coolness.

8. Rook Piercing

Considered as one of the most difficult ear piercings types and one of the most painful. It was first tried by Erik Dakota, a professional piercer by piercing the anti-helix and other cartilage. It will take extra assistance in wearing jewelry at this part, as well as taking it off as the exit part are not aligned.

9. Tragus 

Tragus is that small part, a cartilage that protrudes above the lobe and the one that holds your earphones when you’re using it. This is also one of the most painful type of ear piercings as this is fleshy and could mean bleeding. To some people, they would find it difficult to pierce their tragus as this is quite a small part. But if you’re willing to risk it, then tragus piercing can use the bead rings to show your bravery for such ear art form.

10. Anti-Tragus 

It is opposite the tragus and a raised and folded cartilage above your earlobes.Like tragus, anti-tragus’ size varies with each person. Since this is quite a small area of the ear, it would be best to use the small gem beads to use. This part is catchy, a price to pay for such uniqueness and love for the ear piercing.

Some reminders though to the ear piercing enthusiasts, always make sure that it is done by the professional. use sterilized needles and for you to listen to the instructions during the conduct of the piercing. Consider the after-care or the healing time required for each outer ear parts. Always remember, ear piercing as a body art is your decision. But that that with caution

A body piercing specifically the  different ear piercings at this end should not only be based on fashion but on the cultural and personal meaning it would invoke for you. So think what you think will surely show your personality and not because it is a trend. And this is also the time where you can test your tolerance to pain. Challenge yourself and get that ear piercing!


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